The reactor pass acoustic model RAP-01-18

The reactor pass acoustic model RAP-01-18 designed for processing of multicomponent liquid mixtures in order to obtain finely dispersed suspensions, emulsions, ointments, extracts, etc. by creating them in high-intensity acoustic cavitation is introduce.The reactor is used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries to obtain high quality preparations, food products, chemical products and so on. Reactor RAP-01-18 is the modernization of the reactor RAP-01, which is more than 8 years successfully maintained at many enterprises of various industries.He has a number of advantages: reduced weight and dimensions of the reactor, increases the reliability and durability of its work, increasing its acoustic power, reduces the cost. The reactor is simply integrated into any techno-logical line on the pass or on the ring.The reactor comes complete with ultrasonic generator UZGI1-2.5.
The reactor pass acoustic model RAP-01-18

Technical characteristics of the reactor RAP-01-18

The type of transducer ....... piezoceramic ring entrance
The number of piezoplates-eighteen ....... (18) pieces
The working frequency ....... 22+7%
The power consumed from the generator ....... kW 3,0*10%
Acoustic power ....... kW 2.2*10%
Type ultrasonic generator ....... the UZGI-1-2.5
The power consumption of generator ....... kW 2,9*10%
The dimensions of the reactor ....... mm 305*332
The weight of the reactor ....... 40.0
Working pressure ....... atmospheric

Technical certifications, licenses and copyrights.

The design of the reactor and the generator complies with the requirements of GMP. The reactor is certified for compliance with technical conditions and requirements SNIP and GMP.

GMP Sertification